Banned: Beauty and the Beast Won’t Make it to Our Shores

Beauty and the Beast fans (or just Emma Watson fans), the anticipated movie at the moment of writing is NOT going to be screened in our cinemas. According to TheStar: The local release date for the highly-anticipated Disney film Beauty and the Beast, which has garnered some controversy overseas for including a gay character, has … Read moreBanned: Beauty and the Beast Won’t Make it to Our Shores

Business Feature: Michelle Ho of

Recently we had the opportunity to talk to Michelle Ho of, her story is a story of a mother’s journey to cure her daughter’s eczema problem. Michelle stated that she began her journey into soap making because at an early age she herself went through the pain of having eczema and was insistent that … Read moreBusiness Feature: Michelle Ho of

Foster the People Live in Malaysia 2012 (Video)

On the 13th of January 2012, Foster the People made their way to Malaysia for the first time. The event took place at KL Convention Centre in Kuala Lumpur. The show started around 8.30pm, but the fans arrived earlier than that. One of the fans even said that they lined up since 10am to stand … Read moreFoster the People Live in Malaysia 2012 (Video)

Samsung’s Smart Window – The “Minority Report” Technology

Samsung has just took a huge step forwards in my book, and i’m sure many of you will feel the same once you’ve check out the video above. At the CES 2012 Samsung showcased their “Smart Window” product,this transparent touch screen could let you get your Internet kicks while you see what the weather’s doing … Read moreSamsung’s Smart Window – The “Minority Report” Technology

Najwa Latif – CARTA HATI (Official Music Video)

engkau duduk disitu, diam tersipu malu, mahu mendekati aku .. aku mulai resah, hatiku jadi kebah, melihat dirimu aku rebah.. tapi hati ini kuat menyatakan, kau terkini duduk di carta hati .. lalu cinta kite bermula, dari mata turun ke jiwa, dari teman menjadi cinta, dan berjanji untuk setia, sehidup semati kita, menjanjikan bahagia, untuk … Read moreNajwa Latif – CARTA HATI (Official Music Video)