Business Feature: Michelle Ho of

Recently we had the opportunity to talk to Michelle Ho of, her story is a story of a mother’s journey to cure her daughter’s eczema problem.

Michelle stated that she began her journey into soap making because at an early age she herself went through the pain of having eczema and was insistent that she would not want her daughter Andrea to go through the same thing, she also did not want to use steroid creams and related pills, in her case she wanted an all natural way for her daughter.

She did her research and tried finding natural skincare solutions but nothing really worked.

That was the beginning of her journey and she began to experiment with making natural handmade soaps, according to Michelle the beginning was not easy,especially sourcing the related materials and oils for making the soap, but her perseverance ensured she would succeed.

One thing led to another and today she has a small but growing business, a business that not only sells soaps but also natural body polish, body balm and essential oils.In our interview with her she was quick to thank her family members who helped her immensely, and having a business background, she was and is astute in running her business and we wish her all the best in the coming years.

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