Future Music Festival Asia (FINAL) Line-Up – REVEALED!

I guess many of us can’t wait for the long-awaited (probably) the biggest music festival in Asia this year that is about to happen sometime around March. Featuring The Chemical Brothers , Tinie Tempah , The Wombats, Sneaky Sound System, Pendulum  and alot more! Well, Good news! LivescapeAsia has updated their final line-up and have … Read more

One-Man Acoustic Show – Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional Live in Kuala Lumpur on 22nd February – Video

Photo by Neys Fadzil  ‘Amazing’. ‘Awesome’. ‘Hands Down’. ‘Gorgeous’. ..These are the words/responds/reactions that people gave for him after went to his special acoustic show in KL on 22nd February 2012. On Wednesday, the frontman of Dashboard Confessional successfully made Malaysians swoon to his songs at KL Live for a powerful acoustic set that left … Read more

Places to visit Perak 2012 – Part 1

Perak has many tourist attractions but not many Malaysians know what they can do and see about in Perak. This year Perak is investing on Visit Perak Year 2012 to increase its number tourist arrival to the state. Datuk Hamidah Osman , chairman of State Tourism Committee mentioned that statistics from Tourism Ministry showed that … Read more

Stuffs Malaysians Says

As Malaysians, we want to stay and taste local as possible. So far, this video described the ‘stuffs’ that Malaysians often says and do. Inspired from the ‘Shit People Says’ video-concept.

The New ‘Human’ Google Map

Some of us are really bad in directions and reading maps, but thank you God for the awesome + cool invention like Google Maps you will find your destination easily. -But what about IF you don’t have a Google Maps on your hand and you’re obligate to find directions using your instinct OR would you … Read more