Samsung Galaxy Note (Review)

In the era where phones are getting thinner and cheaper, smartphones are entering the consumer market and become trending these days. However, Samsung have produced many quality smart phones and tablets, but the new Samsung Galaxy Note is something a little bit different. Some says it almost looks like the famous Apple’s iPhone or recently … Read more

Dashboard Confessional Live In Kuala Lumpur on February 2012

After the fateful cancelation of their gig at the previous Rockaway Festival 2011, presented by Livescape and keeping their promises to postpone their show in Malaysia, they finally are heading to Kuala Lumpur this February 2012. Well, who doesn’t know the ever-heartfelt band, Dashboard Confessional?  Most of us know them because of Spiderman 2 with … Read more

Foster The People Live in Malaysia January 2012,

Music-lovers, get ready to put on your ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ because Foster the People is (FINALLY) coming to KL! With their favorite hit song ‘Pump Up Kicks’ became a viral triumph on local radio in mid of 2011, the American indie-rock stars, Foster the People is hitting the shore this 13th January 2012 at KL … Read more