Fake Water Gun Fight in Bukit Bintang by RandomAlphabets

You know what would be so cool to have in KL? A water fight in the middle of busy road in Bukit Bintang! (wait) .. We do have!

So RandomAlphabets hits again with another of their crazy ‘random’ projects to put Malaysians in dazed and overwhelmed! This project was done last year July 2011 , where people come together with different background, different thoughts & different jobs to put this project to a success. At first, the project run with an open invitation to participate and moving on to countless meetings and finally the day of execution.

Basically this project is to create a little change of look around KL — to create the fun and exciting way of looking around Bukit Bintang where is not all the time just about traffic jam.

RandomAlphabet has been well known to its awesome (random) project like doing flashmobs and other forms of participatory art, which their aim is to reunite Malaysians in making their city a better and fun place to live in.

Other projects that they have done is Glee Flashmob Dance KL & Merdeka Train Party

Watch the Fake Water Gun Fight video by RandomAlphabets here