Malaysia Airlines to offer oneworld Global Explorer

oneworld member elect Malaysia Airlines starts participating in Global Explorer today, adding one of the most attractive networks in south-east Asia to the round-the-world fare offered by all members of the alliance and selected other airlines.

For customers, the move represents a first step by Malaysia Airlines towards its implementation into oneworld, which is on track for later this year – when it will start participating in the full range of the alliance’s fares and offering all the alliance’s other services and benefits.

Meantime, from tomorrow, Malaysia Airlines’ full global schedule, covering 60 destinations in nearly 30 countries worldwide, will be covered by the Global Explorer round-the-world fare.

This will add almost 20 more cities in South East Asia and two more countries – Brunei and Myanmar – to the Global Explorer map, expanding the round-the-world fare’s global coverage to more than 900 destinations in some 150 countries.

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