DiGi – Gila About Internet? – video

It’s just another night. And our friend J.P is just chilling at home while surfing the net. Until, an unexpected visitor from the nether world decides to shake J.P’s world! OBJECTIVE: Help J.P run, scream and survive the night against the GHOST. Warning, not for the faint hearted (because it’s gila scary!)

Hockey: Malaysia Defeat China 4-2

Malaysia finally beat China in the third friendly match at the National Hockey Stadium in Bukit Jalil yesterday. But except for the 4-2 scoreline there was nothing to shout about Malaysia’s win. The Malaysians’ performance was still below par but this time they at least tried hard to win. Three of the goals came from … Read more

Samsung’s Smart Window – The “Minority Report” Technology

Samsung has just took a huge step forwards in my book, and i’m sure many of you will feel the same once you’ve check out the video above. At the CES 2012 Samsung showcased their “Smart Window” product,this transparent touch screen could let you get your Internet kicks while you see what the weather’s doing … Read more

Malaysia’s IT industry to grow – mobile computing, mobile broadband and cloud paving the way.

Malaysia’s enterprise IT spending is expected to expand further in 2012 with several technology drivers including mobile computing, mobile broadband and cloud paving the way. According to Gartner, enterprise IT spending in the country is forecasted to reach 31.5 billion ringgit (US$10 billion) in 2012, up 6.1 percent over 2011. Peter Sondergaard, the research firm’s … Read more