Rock The World Festival December 2012

Poster_FOR-PRINT-724x1024Calling all rockers out there! Rock The World Festival are back in their 12th year running and still going strong as ever! With the line up artists that will be performing, this event will be a major household to all music fans of Malaysia rock scene. Here are the details.

Date: December 29th 2012
Time: 10am till 2am
Venue: Padang Merbok, Jalan Parlimen, Kuala Lumpur
Ticket: RM30 (at any Rock Corner outlets, Victoria Music Centre outlets and also at the venue itself)

***The first 4000 people will get Rock The World 2012 t-shirt for free!***

There will be 3 stages at the venue which are the Main Stage, Noisy Stage and Indie Pop Stage.

These are the list of artists that will be performing.
1. The Padangs
2. Restraint
3. Massacre Consipracy
4. Salam
5. Tre Empre
6. Cassandra
7. Daarchlea
8. Upon Arrival
9. Love Me Butvh
10. Pop Shuvit
11. Melodisaster
12. The Malayan
13. Maddthelin
14. Robot Asmara
15. Zip Zieller
16. Summer on September
17. The Eightfour
18. Nuclear Strikes
19. I See Dumb People
20. Natia
21. I, Revival
22. OAG
23. Couple
24. Creamson
25. Oh Chentaku
26. Incarnation
27. Sekumpulan Orang Gila
28. Darren Ashley
29. Loka
30. Khottal
31. Dish
32. Suhu
33. Maximus
34. B-Rock
35. Diandra Arjunaidi
36. Pitahati
37. Azureforjanne
38. Damn Dirty Apes
39. Go Gerila!
40. Reset To Zilch

With the amount of artists line up for you guys, do you really think you want to miss this? NO! So come down to Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur on the 29th of December 2012 and rock the world with us!