RM40 Per Hour Parking Charges should be imposed in Malaysia – Khairiah Mohd Talha

Khairiah Mohd TalhaKhairiah Mohd Talha a board member of the Federal Department of Town and Country Planning is suggesting that major cities in Malaysia implement an RM40 per hour parking charge in order to reduce traffic jam and help lower carbon emission and create a safer environment.

The system, she said, has proven successful in other countries.

For instance, Australia and Singapore charge A$40 (RM120) and S$40 (RM100) per hour, respectively, while in the United States, Boston and New York also charge US$40 (RM130) per hour, she said.

High parking charges would also help lower carbon emission and create a safer environment, she said.

Speaking at a highway conference in Johor recently, Khairiah said it is vital that a peoplecentric transportation master plan is implemented to meet the target.

“The master plan should not focus on business … it should be people first,” she added.

City Hall is reviewing parking needs in Kuala Lumpur, especially in areas accessible to public transportation.

Source: Business Times