Women Who Have Influenced The World

1. Emily Dickinson Born in 1830 in Massachusetts, Emily Dickinson is regarded as America’s greatest poets. Emily began rhyming and creating original reading material as a child. Emily later lived in seclusion from society, writing 1700 poems she hid in a box. Emily passed on at the age of 55 due to Bright’s Disease. Her … Read more

10 Christmas Gifts BELOW RM 50 for HIM

Ladies, wondering what to get him for Christmas? Here’s a list of things below RM 50 he will love. 1. Cotton On Solid Colour Tshirts at RM 49. Source: Cotton On   2.  Alain Delon Belt at RM 47.90  Source: Parkson Store   3. H&M Boxer Shorts and Socks at RM 39.90 Source: H&M   4. Adidas Eau … Read more

10 Christmas Gifts BELOW RM 50 for HER

Who said you gotta spend big bucks on something fancy? Get these fancy gifts for her for less than RM 50! 1. H&M Jersey Pyjamas at RM 39.90 Source:H&M   2. Cotton On Sunday Gear Bags at RM 30 Source: http://Cotton On   3. Body Shop Manicure & Moisture Mini Gift at RM 30.60   Source: Body Shop   … Read more

10 Uniquely Shaped Houses from Around the World

1. The Hobbit Home Inspired by the Shire, from the Lord of the Rings, this wooden eco-home only cost £3,000 to build from scratch by Simon Dale with his own hands. The house is located in West Whales. Source: www.dailymail.co.uk 2. Dalat’s Crazy House This tree-based house in Vietnam is called Hang Nga Guesthouse, named … Read more