10 Uniquely Shaped Houses from Around the World

Hobbit Home
1. The Hobbit Home
Inspired by the Shire, from the Lord of the Rings, this wooden eco-home only cost £3,000 to build from scratch by Simon Dale with his own hands. The house is located in West Whales.
Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

Crazy House
2. Dalat’s Crazy House
This tree-based house in Vietnam is called Hang Nga Guesthouse, named after the architect.. The locals call it Dalat Crazy House. Hang Nga was the daughter of the 1980’s President of Vietnam.
Source: izismile.com

3. House of Stone
Referable to the home of the Flinstones, the “Casa da Pedra” (House of Stone) is built inside a rock in the mountains of Fafe in Portugal.
Source: matadornetwork.com

Egg Home
4. Egg Home
24 year old Dai Haifei from Hunan province, built this egg shaped small house and made it his home. The tiny house is made of bamboo and only cost 6,427 yuan to build. The house is powered by solar panels.
Source: www.chinahush.com

5. The Upside Down House
This house is completely upside down even on the inside. It is situated in Szymbark, Poland. Not occupied by anyone, it was designed as a statement on ‘communism and the end of the world’.
Source: diamond2money.blogspot.com

6. The Airplane Home
In Benoit, Mississippi, Joanne Ussery converted a decommissioned 727 and made it into her home after losing her former one to an ice storm.
Source: freshome.com

Minnie Mouse House
7. Minnie Mouse’s House
A wonderful house for kids, this house is situated at Mickey’s Toontown in Disneyland Anaheim, California. Although most of the ‘household items’ do not function, the oven bakes an actual cake and the microwave pops popcorn!
Source: www.oddee.com

Simpson's House
8. Simpsons’ House
Built by a Simpson fanatic, this house is the exact replica of The Simpsons’ House from the cartoon. It is located in Henderson, Nevada.
Source: www.oddee.com

Underground House
9. Earth Houses
This Swiss Estate located in Estate Lättenstrasse, Dietikon, Switzerland, consists of 9 houses connected by stairs that lead down to the basement and even a parking lot. The ground acts as insulation to protect occupants from rain, extreme temperatures, wind and abrasion.
Source: www.oddarena.com

Mirror Tree House
10. The Mirror Cube Treehouse Hotel
This hotel in Sweden is made of light-weight aluminum. Its exterior reflects the surroundings and the sky creating an invisible effect. Each cube accommodates two people. It also is laminated with an infrared film that is only visible to birds to prevent them from flying into the cubes!
Source: thechive.com