Waterproof Wrist Watch Phone.

This is another latest waterproof wrist watch. It has all the necessary facilities you need, for more details you can watch the video.
www.ibuygou.com Only 99.8USD,Coupon available!.Pls comment,and subscripe! thx This is the latest 2011 waterproof wrist mobile phone.Ibuygou call it W818 wrist watch mobile phone.In your life,sometimes you are exposed with little water,then your watch will die easily,this W818 watch mobile phone is an exception.But this W818 watch phone cann’t be put in the water for more than 4 minutes.It has lots of functions like media player,auto-turn on/off,alarm,games,bluetooth,JAVA,Media Player,1.3 mega pixel camera..etc.you would find the nice wrist watch phone very useful and easy to use.