Samsung GALAXY Camera Launched – RM1,899

Samsung’s GALAXY camera promises to be the best of its mobile and photography teams in a single gadget.

Galaxy Camera is much more than a phone with a better camera bolted onto the back. For starters, the camera itself has a 16.3-megapixel backside-illuminated CMOS sensor that puts out 4,608×3,456-pixel images and has been engineered to draw less power. In front of this, the lens sports a 21x zoom, equivalent to 23-483mm on a conventional 35mm camera. That puts it firmly into the realm of the superzooms.

At the widest end of that range, the maximum aperture stretches to f/2.8. At full telephoto, it’s f/5.9, and in either instance the tightest position is f/8.

Sensitivity tops out at ISO 3,200 with compensation of +/-2.0 EV in one-third stops. In manual and shutter priority modes, the shutter speed runs from 16-1/2,000 second, although auto mode won’t hold it open for any longer than 1/8 second.

It’s got 10GB of built-in flash storage, of which just 3.87GB is available for use, for storing photos and apps. Additional storage is handled by a microSD card.

The really exciting part is what Samsung has done with the operating system. It runs Jelly Bean — Android 4.1 — and can be upgraded.

The camera is available today November 29th for RM 1,899.

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