What do You Think About Rolex Wrist Watch?

Rolex Has designed another wrist watch with 18k gold.
Besides the latest Rolex Explorer two watches version for 2011, Rolex also offers a the latest wide range of Daytona designer watches for adult men this year at the Baselworld present. 2011 is obviously the fiftieth birthday of the Daytona, consequently most people acquire two types of newest types. Rolex is without a doubt further rumored to published a fantastic overhauled Daytona for 2012. Until then we have the even more standard looking type that at present comes with Rolex’s very fantastic ceramic bezel that they call their “Cerachrom” bezel. The black color bezel is a retro-nod to a few more aged Daytona designs and is in dark ceramic with pink coloured gold numerals applied with an fascinating skills call “magnetron cathode sputtering.” Yes, more of that please.