Sam Chong – One of Australia’s wealthiest, Malaysia Mari

That’s right folks, one of Australians richest man is none other than a Malaysian born or more accurately Cameron Highland mari man, he has a fortune of A$950mil (RM3.06bil) made from coal mining.


According to TheStar the cool billionaire, Mr.Sam Chong is 68-years-old and managed to keep a low profile and avoid the limelight until last week when the Business Review Weekly (BRW) named him in its “Rich 200” list.

For a guy who’s been trying to keep a low profile he must be pretty pissed with the whole circus around him now!

Publicity-shy Chong, a mining engineer, is rarely mentioned in the Australian media and when Bernama rang him up in Brisbane, where he lives, he was reluctant to talk of his success as one of Australia’s biggest coal miners.

He also declined to talk of his dedication and hard work and the many years it had taken him to achieve his ambition.

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