Radiohead – Paranoid Android: YouTube Artists Mix

36 YouTube performers are brought together for a mixed performance of the Radiohead’s masterpiece classic. As seen on Vulture.

CREDITS in order of appearance:
0:07 DRUMS: Alberto, Italy
0:10 A. GUITAR: goljadkin, Italy
0:18 E. GUITAR: VIwavesofmusicIV, USA
0:25 VOCALS: Yvette, USA
0:43 VOCALS: Nycholas, France
0:53 BASS GUITAR: Nick, England
0:53 MARIMBA: Gregory, Canada
0:56 A. GUITAR: ComradeNu, USA
1:03 STEEL DRUMS: turtlepan101, USA
1:05 A. GUITAR: Drew, USA
1:15 VOCALS: Mike, USA
1:25 E. GUITAR: Paul, USA
1:44 VOCALS: Lore, Belgium
1:44 E. GUITAR: Rick, UK
1:54 E. GUITAR: Anne-Sophie, France
2:10 A.GUITAR & CELLO: Tosin & Matthew, USA
2:16 E. GUITAR: Michael, USA
2:20 BRASS INST.: UW Jazz Orchestra, USA
2:27 VOCALS: Egle, UK
2:40 E. GUITAR FX: alienxists, UK
2:51 VOCALS: Nathan, UK
3:02 E. GUITAR: murphopolis, USA
3:12 E. GUITAR: Matias, Chile
3:17 E. GUITAR: Tyler, UK
3:40 BACKING VOCALS: Dennis & Tiago, Brazil
3:45 E. GUITAR: Glenn, Belgium
3:48 OBOE: Lisa, USA
3:54 FLUTE: Morristown Colonial Symphony, USA
4:11 VOCALS & PIANO: Simon, Australia
4:26 WIND QUARTET: Katie, Suzanne, Marc & Thomas, USA
4:42 BASS GUITAR: Nicola, Italy
5:03 STRING ORCHESTRA: The Section Quartet & FZE
5:12 VOCALS: Rock 4, Netherlands
5:13 BRASS ORCHESTRA: Pride of Arizona, USA
6:04 A. GUITAR & BEAR SUIT: jamontoastst,

“Jackass” Star Ryan Dunn Dies in Car Accident

“Jackass” star Ryan Dunn, 34, was killed early Monday morning when his Porsche flew over a guardrail in West Goshen, Pa., slammed into a tree and burst into flames, according to local police.
Dunn’s passenger — who police have not identified — was also killed. The police press release reads, “Preliminary investigation revealed that speed may have been a contributing factor to the accident.”

Dunn was last seen at Barnaby’s of America in West Chester in the hours before the accident. “Ryan didn’t appear drunk before he left,” Barnaby’s manager told NBC Philadelphia. That manager said Dunn left the bar around 2 a.m.

These pictures were taken at the scene of the accident. (Credit: Eric Lewis)

House of Bookshelves

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