Snatch theft gone wrong

Snatch thieves on a motorcycle attempted to rob from a car when they mistook a baby for a bag. Happened in Subang Jaya, the snatch thieves smashed the window of the front passenger where the baby was posited. Without notice, they quickly grabbed the 17 month old baby, Giselle Wong but released her the moment they realized the mistake and sped off.

The mother, a local businesswoman Yap Yann Fang, 31 stated that she was on her way to her aunty’s house who is the nanny of her daughter. Yap expressed her disappointment as no one stopped to help her during the incident. With that said, she also added that her baby is still very traumatic after the frightful incident.

During an awareness campaign, Yap said that she wanted police to increase patrols in the neighborhood to prevent such incident from happening.

Source: Yahoo! Malaysia
Image source by: New Straits Time, 2012.