Malaysia’s Facebook Game : Sunny Bay

Facebook now offer with different type of online games like the top all-time favorites: Cityville, Sims Social, Farmville, Social City, Mall World & alot more. As proud Malaysians, Malaysia now has exciting new online application game via Facebook called ‘Sunny Bay’. Sunny Bay is latest social game, challenge player to build and nurture happy, healthy and safe community by manages balance between source need and population that is present intelligently. Sunny … Read more

The ‘Beauty’ of Photoshop,

Left : Without (Make-up +Photoshop tool) Right : With (Make-up + Photoshop tool) Nowadays, with advanced technology, we can literally do anything we want with images, but the problem is that many people went too far when photos show impossible standards of beauty in magazines or ads through the overwhelming use of ‘magic’ brushed tools … Read more

Myvi thinks it can fly – (2 Pics)

We found this pictures making it’s round all over the internet, and there is lack of details of how and when this happen, according to some on facebook, the location of this high flying Myvi incident is at Jalan Long Yunus besides the Caltex station. If you do know more please comment below. Source: Only … Read more

GoKart Shah Alam Kuala Lumpur-Video

Amusement park go-karts can be powered by 4-stroke engines or electric motors, while racing karts use small 2-stroke or 4-stroke engines. Most of them are single seater but recreational models can sometimes accommodate a passenger. The Shah Alam Stadium Circuit is popular to the local motorsports enthusiast. Perfect for adrenaline rush seeker. They have different … Read more

The Pet Project Malaysia 2012 – Video

On the 7th of January, the Malaysiasaya team attended ‘The Pet Project Malaysia 2012’, a charity event intended for fund-raising for the animal welfares in Malaysia such as SPCA Selangor, Paws, AnimalCare, Scratch, etc. The event took place at The British International School, which was also one of the partners associated with the project. Organized … Read more