The ‘Beauty’ of Photoshop,

Left : Without (Make-up +Photoshop tool) Right : With (Make-up + Photoshop tool)

Nowadays, with advanced technology, we can literally do anything we want with images, but the problem is that many people went too far when photos show impossible standards of beauty in magazines or ads through the overwhelming use of ‘magic’ brushed tools and retouching images.

Its no doubt that sometimes with tricks of beauty can produce amazing results but too much of photoshop can reduce the ‘originality’ and ‘truth’ of the photo itself.

With this act of manipulating digital images with Photoshop, some people begin to question ‘How can we believe anything we see anymore?’  — because people are comfortable faking their ‘real’ look because it’s the easiest way to portray beauty rather than to work-out  (eg: exercise & eating healthy food).

In short words, we (as proud Malaysians) should be true with ourselves in photos. We should be blessed with what God gave us — dark/white/brown colored skin, thin/thick lips, naturally black hair (for most of us) & etc. Other than that, digital techniques can be use with a little amount of it such as contrast or color enhancement.

Take a look at this hilarious less than 2 min video of ‘Photoshopped Beauty’ in a commercial form. Not a real commercial video but the content is ‘true’.