Cameron Valley Tea Café @ Bangsar (Review)

Photos by Farhanis Fadzil ©

How many of us, Malaysians have gone to Cameron Highlands and felt in love with their teas there? I know I do..But going all the way up the hill just for their teas and strawberries may take ages to go there, despite the long-hours of driving up the hill. That is why Cameron Bharat Plantations decided to open up a mini-café in Bangsar for all tea-lovers out there; a great place to chill out and enjoy their tea drinks & hot scones.

Cameron Valley Tea Café is part of Cameron Bharat Plantations Company. They are the second largest tea producer in Malaysia, holds a total of four tea gardens totaling 1,600 acres of green mountainous landscape in Cameron Highlands acquired progressively over the decades in this chronological account.

Cameron Valley Tea Café is popular stopover for tourist due to the excellent view of tea plantation, their special homegrown scones and their fine tea choices. Because of their popular visits, Cameron Valley Café is now opened in Bangsar for KL tea lovers who are tempting to have their teas without going all the way to Cameron Highland. Apart from tea and scones, they also have many selections of foods for you to try start from appetizer, sandwiches, salad, pastas and local noodles.

Doughnut Sandwich , RM15
(Chicken ham + scrambled eggs + sun-dried tomato cream cheese)
The bacon is abit chewy but the portion is worth it.

Smoke Salmon Salad, RM 22
(Smoked Salmon + Mixed Greens, Watercress, cherry tomatoes, capsicum, avocado, tossed in garlic herb vinaigrette dressing & parmesan cheese crumbled on top)
Abit salty at first then the bits of Parmesan cheese just dip-down the salt taste.

Black Shadow (Sandwich), RM26
(Choice of Sandwich bread with pancetta, sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onion, capsicum, capers & gherkins topped with homemade black pepper sauce and melted mozzarella cheese.)
The beef is abit chewy but is very tasteful and caramelized.

Aglio-olio Pasta, RM18
(Preferred pasta tossed with olive oil, chili flakes, cherry tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes and fresh herbs)
The pasta is abit oily & spicy but the sweet tiny tomatoes managed to dip-down the spicy taste.

Masala Tea (House Specialty)
Frankly, it taste like ‘teh-tarik’ with a bit of spice. The color of the tea looks almost like teh-tarik itself.
100% recommendation at Cameron Valley
PRICE: (Cup)6.00 (S) 10.00 (M) 18.00 (L) 23.00

Homemade Scones , RM 11
Big-size portion and easy to bite. The scones are hot from oven served with strawberry jam and cream.

The lunch set that they offer daily on weekdays for RM15 per person.

Different types of lounges area cater for everyone’s needs. Suitable for students/ working people to have their discussion or business talk in which they’re more comfortable with.
The concept of this cafe is more to homemade, ‘chillin’ & classy-tea house for tea lovers to enjoy their (ofcourse) tea.

Even they have bean bags lounge to more private-setting & students to do their work while having their meal. Very convenient, indeed! 

Tea lovers can also buy their tea products that are available at the shop too!
Price range are from RM 2.30 – RM 20.90.
Flavour : Blackcurrant/ Masala / Teh Tarik (Tea dust) / Strawberry / Green tea/ Premium Gold & Alot More!
100 % Malaysian made.  

Location :
Cameron Valley
No. 28, Jalan Telawi 5,
Bangsar Baru,
Kuala Lumpur. 59100

Tel: 03-2202 2155
Opening hours : 10am-10pm (Daily)
Price range : RM10 – RM50

Facebook: Cameron Valley