Sponsored Video: Intel Tablet X Flume

Australian Electronic music producer Flume is an up and rising star in the music scene, he has had nothing short of a meteoric rise and winning awards,touring the USA and UK and all in all one of the hottest producers
out there at this moment in time, you could say everything is falling in place for the 21-year-old and you would be right!

Now, Flume – aka Harley Streten – has been working behind the scenes with Intel, surely working with the people who help bring your hardware to life is exciting and as seen in the video above Flume assembles a band of tablet computers, all powered by Intel of course.

The band of tablets are controlled by a robot and when you first watch the clip you would think that it is all just some special effects and perfectly matched to the music through a computer. However that is not the case! its actually all in real time.The amount of time and hard work poured into this 3 minute video is amazing, a true credit to Intel and Flume for bringing this to life!.

Intel has labelled this project as “Intelligent Sounds” and it is a brave technological experiment which sees ‘Felix the Robot Conductor’, his tablet-powered band members, and their instruments come
to life to perform the new Flume original track created specifically for this purpose.

Flume has said that the “Intelligent Sounds” project was one of the more challenging and enjoyable of his career to date.

Visit Intel’s Tablets Product Page, or Behind the Scenes: Making of the Video to learn more about the amazing technology Intel has to offer.

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