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RM40 Per Hour Parking Charges should be imposed in Malaysia – Khairiah Mohd Talha

Khairiah Mohd TalhaKhairiah Mohd Talha a board member of the Federal Department of Town and Country Planning is suggesting that major cities in Malaysia implement an RM40 per hour parking charge in order to reduce traffic jam and help lower carbon emission and create a safer environment.

The system, she said, has proven successful in other countries.

For instance, Australia and Singapore charge A$40 (RM120) and S$40 (RM100) per hour, respectively, while in the United States, Boston and New York also charge US$40 (RM130) per hour, she said.

High parking charges would also help lower carbon emission and create a safer environment, she said.

Speaking at a highway conference in Johor recently, Khairiah said it is vital that a peoplecentric transportation master plan is implemented to meet the target.

“The master plan should not focus on business … it should be people first,” she added.

City Hall is reviewing parking needs in Kuala Lumpur, especially in areas accessible to public transportation.

Source: Business Times

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  1. I stay in Perth Australia. That’s so not true. Maximum parking rates I’ve seen is $10 an hour. More than that are possibly $25 and above for valet parking. So wherever you get your facts from. You’re lying. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT BEFORE YOU CLAIM THE TRUTH.

  2. well, now she’s comparing the rates with developed country. if you don’t like the rates of malaysia’s parking, live some where else

  3. She, better not drive her damn car around the town, maybe she doesn’t know what money means, afterall if she comes to work and park, she will most probably claim her parking tickets with the govt anyway.
    Public transportation system in Malaysia is way too lousy, with most of the cabbies are at their worst behaviors (not to mention, never uses the meter), buses in Malaysia are never ever on time, they want us to take public transport?

    Sure it does help to have save the environment,I strongly agree on that. But please buck up on the public transportation, before even coming out with this impractical idea.

    When people complain, what the govt reps says? “Tak suka, keluar dari Malaysia” While the poor gets poorer, the corrupted rich people get filthy reach sucking the tax money from taxpayers.

  4. I think the idea will be consistent if the public transport is efficient, please think of big pictures before coming with “world class” statements and look pretty dumb! If you want to compare, see other angles, public transport is efficient in other country……..Lack of knowledge or plain dumb statement

  5. When we talk about wanting free education, some smart alec tells us not to compare with other countries. But now when u want to raise petrol price, parking space price, you compare with other countries? This country is governed by irony.

  6. some people claim in order perfect health and minds but the have brain down syndrome why because everything they say is just with a knee head speech

  7. Rm40/hr.. n she claims “The master plan should not focus on business … IT SHOULD BE PEOPLE FIRST”.. what a contradictory statement is that @@

  8. Why is this government about taking all the time. Cost of living keeps going up and instead of making it easier for the rakyat u make it more difficult. We are not a very developed country as to those you are comparing to. Fix public transport, fix internet, fix traffic congestion, fix water n electricity to more rural areas, fix crime and violence, etc. Then we will talk about giving you more money.

  9. Another BTC mia cronies..that doesn’t do any homework before stating any facts…
    if u wan to reduce carbon emission..improve ur public transport systems before stating such an ID10T fact….. it only shows to worldwide what an ID10T you are. …

  10. oh please please use brain some times, use brain to think sometimes wont hurt at all and is free. how come people can say something soooo s_______ and still can be alive till now.

  11. Do we have a time schedule posted at bus stops which states the arrival time and frequency of busses like Australia and Singapore! A big NO! Even if it is posted, will it be on time!! Get our bloody transport system to world class standards first before talking about what others are doing internationally! I am pretty sure she doesn’t even use public transport!!!! And if you were to park and have to pay the RM80 for 2 hours, we the tax payers are going to be the bloody sponsors because you are going to claim it from the ministry and not paid with your own money!!

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RM40 Per Hour Parking Charges should be imposed in Malaysia – Khairiah Mohd Talha

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