Nuffnang’s Co-Founder Timothy Tiah Proposed via Memes

Nuffnang’s (Malaysia’s blog advertising company) co-founder Timothy Tiah proposed to his girlfriend (nicknamed “shorty”) using memes ( what is a meme? )

According to his blog post:

One day I was discussing proposal ideas with Angela and she gave me an idea. She said since Audrey loves all these meme or 9Gag/Reddit kind of stuff, maybe I should give her a picture of the Y U NO GUY that said something like this.

That gave me an idea. It’s true. Shorty and I both love all these memes. So I thought that instead of just having one picture, maybe I’ll tell a story with her favourite memes. I quickly put a plan together for the 30th of November.

Congrats to the couple!

You can read the whole story here >>