Inception/Reception Wedding Video

Looks like couples are now willing to spend some moolah on video production for their wedding videos, well maybe only a handful but it’s a good start, making a great video for your wedding is not too far fetch as it’s the most important day of your life.

Take for instance the recently married Don and Kaycee Laroza who created a wonderful video for their wedding reception.

Check it out:

Sometimes dreams do come true.

The set up: After the bridal party is introduced at the reception it’s time for the bride and groom to make their appearance. But when the MC calls out the new Mr. & Mrs. Laroza, they are no where to be found. So to buy some time, the Same Day Edit video of the earlier events would be played for the wedding guests.

The reward: A surprise twist and a grand entrance that no one was expecting.

Red 5 Studios presents “INCEPTION / RECEPTION”
Starring Kaycee & Don Laroza
Directed & edited by Loyd Calomay
Story by Loyd Calomay
Dialogue by Don Laroza
Snowboard riding by Joel Bermejo, Ruby San Jose, B.J. Calomay, and Eugene Dizon
Audio Recording by Kyle Longstreth
Set Photography by Bobby Herenandez
Wedding Day 2nd Camera – Deyo Forteza
Wedding Day Helicopter Camera – A.J. Calomay

Rated M for Mature audiences for some language, adult humor and violence.

Same Day Edit song, “Marry Me”, by Train

Music Score, “Mind Heist”, by Zack Hemsey