12-feet long Python swallows goats

MALACAA: A 12-feet long Python sneaked into the fold and swallowed a baby goat. Aminul Syukri Darus, 29, the goat breeder found the Python out when it was about to swallow another goat. The goat has already dead when the goat breeder found it. Aminul had lost approximately RM800 for these two goats. He found … Read more

30 disqualified spa centres shut down

As the regulatory rating system had been introduced by the Tourism Ministry Malaysia, 30 dubious spa centres have been shut down operation because they are not qualified for the system. Tourism Minister Malaysia, Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen said that this is just a self-assessment programme which ministry will start rating and certifying the … Read more

Spa Industry needs to be regulated to weed out vice activities

Tourism Minister, Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen said the regulatory rating system for spa operators and the ministry’s recommendation to the Immigration Department for approving the employment of foreign spa therapists, are to weed out those dubious services which involves foreign women. The officers had visited 402 spa centres, of which 134 did not … Read more

The Missing baby found dead

A four-month old baby found dead after she went missing with her babysitter on Wednesday. The baby, Lim Xiu Yao’s body was found by the joggers at 7pm at Tasik Y. According to the babysitter, she brought Xiu Yao out to Tasik Y at 4.30am on Wednesday to put up notices for babysitting jobs on … Read more