10 Best Gifts for HIM on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Us ladies, can’t wait to show our appreciation and love for our partner by giving them a little something on this particular day. However, things can get quite tricky as we couldn’t find the right gift for our partner. If you are having a hard time figuring a perfect Valentine’s gift, why not take a look at the list below?

1. Personalized Cufflinks, Tie Bar & Money Clip
cufflinks, tie bar n money clipCufflinks, tie bar and money clip, the perfect haberdashery gift for your man! But it sounds too common to be a Valentine’s Gift? Why not customize and make them unique? And to make it even better, you do not need to worry about the haberdashery doesn’t match with one another because they come in a set!

Price: RM184.30


2. Men Personalized Bracelet
braceletWho said accessories are meant just for the ladies but not the men? A simple bracelet like this can make your partner become stylish in an instant! Up to 22 characters, you can personalize your very own phrase on this bracelet!

Price: RM 121.64


3. Docking Station
Docking StationSometimes, it is just frustrating when you are in a rush but couldn’t find your keys, phone or pouch.  It would be such a shame too when a suppose to be romantic date ruin because of this. This ‘docking station’ is not for computing devices but it can keeps the things he needed in one place and he is good to go anytime!

Price : RM 147.44


4. Leather Wallet for Guitar Players
Guitar PickIs your man the romantic type that play guitar and win your heart? Why not stores the precious memory by keeping the guitar accessories such as guitar picks and capos? This leather pick pouch has two large pockets for either guitar accessories or for credit/store/ID cards, money, etc. It is useful and convenience to use for guitar players.

Price: RM 221.79


5. Mustache Beard Comb Gift Set
mustache A perfect gift for your mustachioed lovers! This kit includes the artisan crafted bag, quality mustache wax, Razor sharp mustache scissors and a mustache comb!

Price: RM 103.21



6. Abstract, Geometric, Keychain
Key-chainThis very edgy and unusual material is SUPERCONDUCTOR from the Texas Supercollider. Copper, Zinc, and Niobium is twisted together. Each piece is DIFFERENT because of where it’s sliced from the cable. You can’t find this everywhere!

Price: RM 176.93


7. Handmade Lin Design Wood Headphone Stand for Headphones
headphonesEvery item should have their own little place so the house is keep clean and tidy and that includes headphone that hangs on the computer or lays around the tables!

Price: RM 121.64



8.  Microscope Men Necktie
tieMen’s ties are always decorated with plain colour or with a certain consistency pattern. This microscope design necktie is just perfect for freshen up his day to his everyday work!

Price: RM 121.64



9. Valentine’s Gift Future Trophy Husband
T-ShirtsThe most popular men’s item; the softest, smoothest, best-looking T-shirt! Take your relationship up by one step by letting him know that you have recognized him as your future husband! Several sizes and colours to choose from!

Price: RM 73.53


10. Personalized Wallet Card
WalletWhat would be better than to be able to look at the sweetest massage from your partner everyday? If words are to hard for you to say it out loud, why not crave it on a wallet card and present it to him? I’m sure your man would love you more upon seeing your massage.

Price: RM 92.15+