10 Christmas Gifts BELOW RM 50 for HIM

Ladies, wondering what to get him for Christmas? Here’s a list of things below RM 50 he will love.

1. Cotton On Solid Colour Tshirts at RM 49.

Cotton OnSource: Cotton On


2.  Alain Delon Belt at RM 47.90 

Alain Delon Belt

Source: Parkson Store


3. H&M Boxer Shorts and Socks at RM 39.90

H&M Boxers

Source: H&M


4. Adidas Eau De Toilette at RM 42.90

Adidas Perfume

Source: Zalora


5. Cotton On Sunnies at RM 49


Source: Cotton On


6. 24:01 Slip On Shoes at RM 49

Slip on Shoes

Source: Zalora


7.  Phone casings from RM 25 – RM 49

Phone Case 1

Source: Ipmart


8. R20  Basic Backpacks at RM 32.90


Source: Zalora


9. Long Sleeve Hoodies by PLAXA at RM 49



Source: Zalora


10. Fancy 16 GB SanDisk Pendrives at RM 40  



Source: Ipmart


Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!