Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Girls, let me ask you this question, how hard is it to find presents for your boyfriend? Especially if it is almost Christmas day. Try and recollect what you gave him last year. Or maybe even if it was a different guy last year. But most importantly, what did you give him last christmas? Believe it or not, guys are waaaaaaay harder to find their gifts compare to girls. Trust me! Even I myself took a week or so just to find a simple gift! BUT not to worry. With some guidance here and there, I am sure you will find the gifts that will make your boyfriend want you more.

First things first, I know some of our precious readers are still students or even have financial issues and it is always the reason why it is hard to find gifts that are on our budget. But fear not, I have a solution that will help you on that.

1. Flying cards from his pocket

Instead of wasting money on those branded and very expensive clothing, why not just spend about 20% of whatever you have spend before. You know guys like to use their wallets until it can’t hold any cards or money anymore? Until it is worn out that you beg him to change his wallet because you are scared that it’ll fall off anytime. But he refuses to change because he said he loves his wallet and it is still in good condition. Well, it is time to get him a new one. What you can do is to find some what the same style or the same space to put in all those cards in. Get him something that you know he will love and use it. And of course the colour is important but the most important thing is that it is something that he will use. Despite the fact that he will not use it right away, but you know if his old wallet can’t be use no more, he will surely use the new and improve wallet that you gave him for christmas.

2. Goodbye Cliche-photogenic-kittens calendar

Everyone knows that New Year is a week after Christmas and it is totally okay if you plan to give your boyfriend a New Years gift too! Everyone uses calendar right? Even your boyfriend. So instead of giving them a lame cliche calendar with the very photogenic kittens or puppies, why not personalize it? Almost all of the tools inside your PC/laptops have a calendar generator that you can do it yourself. Give your boyfriend motivational words in each day of the calendar to give him a smile every time that boss of him is giving him a hard time or if it’s too much of a hassle, why not putting pictures of you and him so that he can remember that you gave him the calendar. Okay maybe that will be scary after a while but it is all up to you and your creativity and what you think he would like to see every month.

3. Pilot for a day

Yes, I do mean it when I say pilot for a day. I am so sure that your boyfriend want to fly a plane one day but instead, lets give him something slightly easy to handle, helicopter. There is a place in Selangor that anyone can be a pilot for a day. In Subang Airport, you can. There will be someone guiding him when he flies the plane and he can even bring you! Don’t worry, it is safe. This is a very awesome activity to do and a very mind blowing gift to give to your boyfriend. This once in a lifetime experience will give him the chance to tell other people that he flew a helicopter before and also this will boost his self-esteem. Maybe not but it sure is a cool gift, don’t you think so? Imagine flying around KL and being able to see the wonders of Malaysia with your boyfriend being the pilot?! That is sexy.

4. Flashback of music

Let me give you a list of Bands and see if you know any of them. Oasis, Nickleback, Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars, Green Day, Foo Fighters, Muse, My Chemical Romance, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Avenged Sevenfold, Slipknot, Coldplay, Smash Mouth and other fantastic bands. So, have you heard all of them before? Or only some? Or even none? Well, try and ask your boyfriend. I am positively sure that he knows all of them or even most of them. Yes, I do agree that mainstream music have over shadow all the great music from early 2000 but why not bring it back? Make a mix CD with all the great hits from these fantastic band or even some that he mention before. These songs can bring him back to the days and make him understand that these music is not dead. It will be a very thoughtful christmas present, I assure you.

5. Hairy chin?

How many times does your boyfriend shave in a week? Countless. How many times does he have to get a new one after the other one is broken? Or have he been using those disposable shaver? Well, it is time to get a more good quality and long lasting shaver! Well, to us girls maybe it doesn’t really make sense but to those guys, shaving is a must. You don’t want your boyfriend to look like some hobo dude right? A new shaver is always a nice gift to give to your boyfriend. You can even do it for them! If he doesn’t mind that is. But a shaver is something that he uses everyday before going to work or even before going to meet your parents. Yikes! But it’s not all the time you’re getting him a nice shaver right? So choose wisely.

6. Boxers of super heroes

How many guys in this world use boxers and not speedo? Well, I am guessing no speedo for them. To men, boxers is very comfortable to wear or they can even just use boxers at home. We girls usually buy things on how pretty or how gorgeous the designs are. Well, their boxers need to look nice too! And what better way to give boxers as a Christmas present when the designs are all the super heroes that he loves? Lets admit it, guys love their comic book super heroes. It would be cooler if you give your boyfriends all the Marvel Comic characters printed on the boxers. It is not only cool looking but also very cute. Well, to us girlfriend that is. Try and find a more comfortable boxers instead of the lame pattern printed ones where the waist rubber get loose just by washing it 2 times.

7. No payment for car wash

How many times do you see your boyfriend wash his car? Including shining his tires, his engine, waxing the exterior, waxing the interior? Well, not all guys like to do that. Instead they bring it to the car wash to do everything. Well, some may prefer washing their cars themselves but treat your boyfriend for Christmas this year! It is time for your boyfriend’s car to get clean for real! I know you yourself want to sit in a car that is squeaky clean. Understand that his car is not only a vehicle, it is his baby, aside from you as being the girlfriend. But the car is the most important thing too. Well, to them it is. So, treat your boyfriend and his 4-wheel baby and get comfortable the next time he fetches you from your house. He might just take you on that dinner date that you’ve been wanting to go. 😉

8. Trilogy to the MAX!

Can you tell me which guy haven’t seen or haven’t heard of Star Wars or Lord of The Rings before? Let me give you a list of movies that your boyfriend might want to watch all over again. Pirates of The Caribbean, Star Wars, Lord of The Rings, Terminator, Batman, Die Hard, The Mummy, X-men and a lot more other movies. All these movies are legends and I have a huge feeling, your boyfriend might just spend a whole week sitting at home at night and watch these movies. Get him a collections of movie sequels and spend your nights watching with him. He will surely appreciate that. To guys, it is a huge plus when his girl likes the movies that he likes. It won’t only make him happy but it will always make him realize that you care for him as much. A perfect way to spend on Christmas night, don’t you think?

9. Surprising notes

Have you ever seen those small cute looking capsules that looks like medicines but it’s actually not eatable? Well, in Sunway Pyramid’s top floor, Asian Avenue, they actually sell these cute capsules that have small papers inside to write on. Imagine this, you have to go out of the country for some work or you have to go for a family trip and have to leave him for a week, Well, that is a long time, and he misses you like mad. Having these small papers that you can write on and put it inside the capsules would surely give him a surprise. Tell him that he can only open one capsule when he misses you. Then, after he reads it, he’ll feel that you are always close to him. Even though you’re just gone for a week. But still! It works.

10. Game on

Which guy don’t play video games? Well, from those that I know, they all do! Even if some don’t play on the computer, some just love having a nintendo to play with. I know most girls don’t play video games but if your boyfriend does, then give him a break and buy that game that he has been talking about more than his job. Video games actually make your man feel like a little kid again. This is a healthy way to tell your man that he is not getting old for games. If your guy works like mad everyday, having a time off from it would be great. What great way to getting that time off and play video games? Remember gameboy? Yes, I know most of you remember. The most popular game that was played on gameboy was of course, Pokemon. I myself love playing Pokemon. So why not get him something that he might miss playing? To him, it would be the most greatest Christmas Present ever.

So what are you doing just sitting there for? Get your butt up and go search for his Christmas present already! Get the best gift that represent him as an individual. But if you can’t get him any of the gifts I suggest, why not just make him a very simple hand-made card? Your effort and the things you say inside will bring a smile to that face of his. Just be sincere in whatever gifts you choose and choose wisely because it is still Christmas Day and it is the day for giving.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! 🙂