VIDEO: Angry mob sets RTD patrol car on fire

rtd-fire-ayer-tawar SITIAWAN: An angry mob overturned a Road Transport Department (RTD) vehicle and set it ablaze following an accident in Ayer Tawar involving 10 vehicles, including two school buses and a lorry, near a traffic light.

The four JPJ officers in the vehicle, a four-wheel drive, who got out and saw the mob heading towards them, flagged down a car and hitched a ride away from the scene at about 12.30pm on Friday.

The 11-vehicle pile-up injured 15 people.

The accident is believed to have happened when the RTD vehicle swerved in front of the lorry to stop it.

The lorry driver hit the emergency brakes but not in time to avoid hitting the patrol car.

The vehicles behind crashed into one another.

Manjung OCPD Deputy Supt Ahmad Mat Isa, who confirmed the incident, said police were investigating the cause of the accident.

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