The New iPad Announced and it’s Not Called iPad 3

Yes all you Apple fanboys out there, the iPad was finally announced early morning today, 2 a.m to be precise and it has almost what every media outlet has been gossiping about.

First off it’s now just labeled as “iPad” without the number 3 behind it, this is nothing new for Apple as you don’t see them naming their other products that way, as in iPod 1,2,3 or Macbook Air 1,2,3 etc.

The New features:

– Retina Display

– The new iPad has a 5MP camera and can take 1080p video.

– The new iPad will support 4G LTE.

– A5X processor.

– 2048-by-1536 resolution

for more features and videos – click here

The good news with every new release is the the older model gets a price reduction! and Machines has reduced the prices, go check it out.