Terrorist Couple Coulibaly & Boumeddiene Travelled to Malaysia

Amedy Coulibaly-Hayat Boumeddiene

WARNING – GRAPHIC VIDEO – [FRONT VIEW] Raid on hostage taker in Paris

Foreign media reports are claiming that Paris attack couple – Amedy Coulibaly and his wife Hayat Boumeddiene – had once travelled to Malaysia.

The reports did not give specific dates as to when they visited Malaysia but quoted sources as they travelled together to Malaysia for a holiday.

Coulibaly, 32, and Boumeddiene, 26, lived in the suburb of Bagneux where neighbours were quoted as saying the two were a “devoutly religious couple.”

The couple were quiet, respectful and normal, but disappeared from their suburban home about a month ago, the reports added.

According to French judicial documents, a police search of Coulibaly’s residence in 2010 turned up a crossbow, 240 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition, films and photos of him during a trip to Malaysia, as well as letters seeking false official documents.

Coulibaly was shot dead after taking hostages at a Paris kosher grocery store in a second stand-off on Friday.

He had demanded the freedom of the two brothers – Cheris, 32 and Said Kouachi, 34, – who were behind the massacre of 12 people at weekly Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday and cornered at a printing plant in the village of Dammartin-en-Goele.

Coulibaly and the Kouachi brothers were shot dead by police in the stand-off.

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