Snow White and the Huntsman VS Mirror Mirror

Snow White movies have been popularized these days. Snow White and the Huntsman that just screened recently is one of the examples of snow white movie. As we are familiar, snow white is the fairest person in the whole kingdom, yet, the evil queen envies snow white and tries her best to kill snow white.

In this movie, the evil queen knows that Snow White will soon surpass her in beauty. Therefore, she ordered a huntsman to go into the woods to kill Snow White to get the young girl’s heart in order to live forever because he is the only one who capable to break through the dark forest to look for Snow White. He refuses to follow his order that threatened his death. Then, he finds Snow White and trains her to fight against the evil queen.

A poll is done to find out which movies the public prefer. Most of the people have chosen Snow White and the Huntsman as their preferences. This is mainly because it has more action movements in it and better visual effects than Mirror Mirror.

To those whom have not watched Snow White and the Huntsman yet, please spare some time to watch it!