RapidKL Buses Go Green

Good news to all people who used to travel with RapidKL buses. According to News Strait Times, Rapid KL will be introducing its fleet of 15 to 20 electric buses in the coming 2 years.This new type of buses can fit in more passengers. This can help to solve the crowded environment in the bus nowadays.

This action is tally with the company’s bid to go green and reduce the levels of harmful gases emitted by diesel-powered buses The cost of diesel-powered buses are between RM400,000 and RM500,000 . However, the cost for electric buses are between RM700,000 and RM800,000.

During the campaign a Ride For Green which launched by RapidKL, The Prasarana group director(bus) Zohori Sulaiman said that when compare the 10-year life cycle of both buses, the electric bus is slightly cheaper and helps eliminate a lot of these maintenance and invisible costs such as breakdowns. Plus it emits no gas at all.

He also said that the idea to use electric buses is come from the trip of RapidKL team at Shenzen in China, they found out the electric buses were well-received by the people there.

In response to the complaints on the behavior of bus drivers, RapidKL had set up a team of 60 enforcement officers to do spot check. They would ride the buses in plainclothes.