PeKOMIK Awards 2012 Winners List

Cosplay Queen, Alodia was announcing the awards of Best Colourist.

Last Sunday, the winners of each categories in PeKOMIK Awards was announced during the second day of Malaysia Games & Comics 2012 at KDU, Damansara Jaya Campus. The jury had been given three weeks to read through the comics which published in 2011. Then they will evaluate the comic in term of the presentation, story line, uniqueness and originality.

PeKOMIK as known as Persatuan Komik Malaysia is a non-profit organisation which is not established by giving the benefits to artists or comic practitioners only but comic fan community too. The main purpose of them is to developed and uphold the world of comics in Malaysia.

PeKOMIK Awards 2012 winners list:

Best One Page Cartoon
 Lawak Antara Benua oleh Joe Labu  (Apo? #297, m/s 59)
Best Cartoon Comic Series
Major Zombie: The Blood Trail (Lefty, Faezal)
Best Comic Mini Series
“Boleh Saya Tumpangkan?” oleh Lambok (Apo? #297)
Best Comic Magazine
Best Comic Strip in Newspaper
 “Iblis Tujuh Nyawa”, Berita Minggu (Zoy)
Special Honor Award
Best Publisher
PTS Media Group Sdn. Bhd., Komik-M
  Major Zombie: The Blood Trail (Lefty, Faezal)
Best Colourist
Andika: NeoSantara Saga (Sangkakaler, Nanzo)
International Comic Artist/Online Comic Artist
War of the Worlds – Goliath: St. Petersburg, Heavy Metal Summer 2011 (Puppeteer)
Best Ilustrator, Manual/Digital
Sorrow Sympathy, Apo? #302 (Oren)
Best Cover
Aku, Kau & Sekolah (Zul Fadhli Kamarrudin & Dzulfeqar Nasir)
Best Writer
“44 Cinta”, Aku, Kau & Cinta antologi (Tembakau)
Best New Comic
Andika: NeoSantara Saga (Nanzo)
Best Comic
“44 Cinta”, Aku, Kau & Cinta antologi (Tembakau)
Best Comic Artist

 Sorrow Sympathy, Apo? #302 (Oren)

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