Nikon 4D Reviewed by Cnet

The buzz in the photography world today is all about the new Nikon 4D.

Like its predecessor, the Nikon D4 looks as if it’s going to be an incredibly impressive camera. Nikon has looked to its professional user-base and tried to work out what it needed to add or adjust on a camera that just a couple of years ago represented the best they were capable of. The result is a camera with few big changes but a extensive series of small improvements.

The biggest change is, of course, the improvement in video capabilities. Given the increasing demand for video footage from professional photographers, and the incredible success of Canon’s 5D Mark II in the professional video market, it was inevitable that Nikon’s pro flagship would need to offer a more compelling feature set than the existing models.

According to cnet:

Nikon is at the top of its game with the D4, a fast and powerful dSLR that’s looking to lead the field. It’s £500 cheaper than the rival Canon EOS- 1D X, which could earn it a gold medal.

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