MUNCHY’S Celebrates 25 years of Fun!

(From left to right) Rodney Wong, MUNCHY’S Commercial Director; Tan brothers – CK Tan and LK Tan, MUNCHY’S Founders; and Rajan Pillai, MUNCHY’S Senior Operations Director
(From left to right) Rodney Wong, MUNCHY’S Commercial Director; Tan brothers – CK Tan and LK Tan, MUNCHY’S Founders; and Rajan Pillai, MUNCHY’S Senior Operations Director

MUNCHY’S launches its 25th Anniversary Campaign on 14th April 2016 and at the same time unveils its four unique Funbots at Zebra Square, Kuala Lumpur.

MUNCHY’S is set to surprise its consumers in its 25th Anniversary Celebration. As a token of thanks to all Malaysians for their continuous support all these years, more than 2.5 million of MUNCHY’S 25th anniversary fun packs are ready to kick start the fun. Consumers will be delighted to discover additional two sachets in every MUNCHY’S, LEXUS and OAT KRUNCH packet. As for MUZIC, consumers will be dancing with 25 percent extra content.


With the campaign theme – “Share the Fun”, a series of activities have been lined up to celebrate this fun and yummylicious anniversary to its loyal consumers and fellow Malaysians.

Inspired by MUNCHY’S factory, four unique Funbots that signifies four different baking processes is created. DJ Mixer, with its mixer whisks, mixes MUNCHY’S magical ingredients into fragrantly yummy dough and passes it to Chop Chop, to mould the dough into fun looking shapes. Michael Oven then takes over to bake those shapes, turning them into MUNCHY’S fun and yummylicious biscuits. The biscuits will not be complete without Beat Box who packs the biscuits into colourful packets and boxes. The four Funbots create a magical experience that lifts MUNCHY’S fun spirit up high. Without one another, the biscuits will not be successfully made. This is MUNCHY’S Unity Spirit. The Funbots only has one mission – sharing the fun with Malaysians everywhere!


“MUNCHY’S Brothers started the company 25 years ago. Unity brought us to where we are today. We began our humble journey with a second hand wafer stick machine and today; we have three manufacturing plants in Batu Pahat Malaysia, China and Indonesia with exports to global markets. In MUNCHY’S, every staff is like a family member. Together we create fun and yummylicious biscuits and wafers. The credit of our success today goes to our big happy family. Fun is the key ingredient that made MUNCHY’S persist 25 years! MUNCHY’S takes the initiative; turns innovation into opportunities for success. Now that we have created the fun, we would like to share the fun with our loyal customers.” said by MUNCHY’s CEO MR. C.K. Tan during MUNCHY’S 25th Anniversary Campaign launching ceremony.

More than 200 retail outlets will be participating in this fun celebration with various activities to suit all ages. Consumers are invited to join MUNCHY’S in the fun which will include a chance to bake their own fun, yummylicious and unique biscuits. They will get to meet the Funbots too!


Not only that, consumers could also share the fun by spreading the enjoyment to their family and friends. One can share the fun simply by just telling MUNCHY’S why and who they want to share the fun with. If chosen, MUNCHY’S will send to the winners their crazy Funbots along with RM500 and ONE YEAR SUPPLY OF MUNCHY’S.

MUNCHY’S 25th Anniversary campaign does not end there. In May 2016, MUNCHY’S will spread the fun to children in orphanages. MUNCHY’S is always passionate about children and children’s causes. By bringing the biscuits and Funbots to the children, MUNCHY’S aims to bring some magical moments and hope to them. Besides savouring the fun and yummylicious biscuits, the children will also get to have fun playing with MUNCHY’S Funbots. Through this exercise, it will not only share the fun but at the same time extend love to these less fortunate children.


MUNCHY’S is ready to share the fun!