Mentos SECRET now comes in 3D Gum and candy Roll

3DDISROLLMENSECRETOnly a cult candy brand can get away with a secret flavour – Mentos now unwraps its latest flavour, the Mentos SECRET, which comes in 3D Gum and candy Roll variants. Inspired by the insight that every youth finds a secret deliciously alluring, Mentos innovates a flavour that teases with mystery and anticipation, and a spring of surprise at the reveal.

To discover the taste of Mentos SECRET, consumers have to “Unwrap the Secret”, pop it into their mouth, and let their taste buds do the thinking. Mentos’ latest ‘flavour’ is not only for the curious and adventurous, it appeals to diehard Mentos fans who love all Mentos flavours, whether known or secret.

To add more wicked fun to “Unwrapping the Secret”, consumers can log in to to download a facebook game application, which allows them to torment, pester or irritate the Mad Scientist ala creator of the ‘secret’ flavour into spilling out clues, and eventually, the answer. Participants successful with the interrogation stand a chance to win attractive prizes from a lucky draw.

If you are craving to unwrap the Mentos Secret, get them now in supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores, and pharmacies nationwide. Mentos Secret Roll (37g) is priced at RM1.20 whereas Mentos 3D Secret Gum (14g) is priced at RM1.50.