Keretapi Sarong on 25th February

How many us have actually wore a ‘Sarong‘ outside — in the city , walking by the sidewalk , in the train or waiting for the bus? — If you had worn one before.. good for you! But if for those of you guys who haven’t , then this is your chance!

On the 25th February 2012, RandomAlphabets is organizing another crazy random flashmob, inspired from ‘No Pants Subway‘ project in New York by ImproveEverywhere called ‘Keretapi Sarong‘.

This ‘Keretapi Sarong‘ is a project where many Malaysians come together to wear sarong (kain batik/ kain pelekat) on a train. This will be the first and ever and probably will bethe biggest ‘Wear Sarong Day’ flashmob that ever existed in Malaysia history.

To find out more information or interest to join the flashmob project — visit the event page or go the website here. 

..Or watch the ‘No Pants Subway’ video below here