Country Girls Oompah Band in Malaysia October 2013


The all ladies Country Girls Oompah Band inspire with a colourful program of traditional, current and past hits. They make an excellent walkabout band for the Oktoberfest Celebrations and will be in Malaysia and Singapore for the month of October 2013. They are professional musicians and have been trained in various Conservatoires in Europe. The band consist of 1 singer, 1 saxophonist, a guitarist, keyboard player/singer and a drummer.

The band will perform 3×30 minutes or 4×30 minutes (2 hours collective playing time, split accordingly) of Walkabout Entertainment depending on your exact requirements. At the start of the evening, they can greet guests with their music at the entrance, then perform at the bar area or buffet area then go from table to table. This form of entertainment guarantees full interaction with the guests.

The walkabout band is self contained and does not require any additional equipment, production or a stage area. There is no requirement for a sound check.

For more info and booking please visit Music For Asia.