BREAKING: Iran Test Missiles in Strait of Hormuz

Iran test-fired two missiles Monday, the final day of its naval exercises in the Strait of Hormuz, state-run media reported.

The Qader missile, a long-range sea-to-shore missile, was fired during the “power” stage of the maneuvers, according to the Islamic Republic News Agency. The test was successful, and the missile hit its intended targets, according to the report.

“A large number of the long-range surface-to-sea Qader missiles have already been delivered to the Iranian Armed Forces,” IRNA said.

A surface-to-surface Nour missile was also successfully tested Monday, according to Iran’s Press TV.
The Nour is an “advanced radar-evading, target-seeking, guided and controlled missile and can easily find its target and destroy it,” IRNA reported, quoting 2nd Adm. Seyed Mahmoud Musavi.

“Iran’s navy test-fired a number of medium-range and long-range missiles in the final stage of the naval drills,” Press TV said.

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