11 Perfect Ways To Describe Valentine’s Day For Singles

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, there will be plenty of lovey-dovey couples exchanging gifts and engaging in the romantic restaurant during dinner. You know; flowers, chocolates, gifts, kisses and the surprises of finding out what way your significant other came up with to show you how he or she adores you! But what about those people who are single?

Well, don’t worry, you’re not alone if you have begun to roll your eyes in anticipation of the alleged holiday of love. Instead of moping about the feeling left out during Valentine’s Day, lets laugh it off with the pictures we have gathered for you!

1. To the people who likes public display of affection


2.  The best advice for your couple friends


3. Love is in the air??!! 


4. The actual holiday for 14th February…

Grumpy 2

5. The famous poem … TWIST!

Grumpy 3

6. Is not like I don’t have a date

Grumpy Cat 1

7. You are not alone because Harry is the same once


8. Mike Wazowski, I salute you!


9. Does this works?


10. The worst gift ever. That’s why I prefer the C’s ( car, cash and card).


11. Social network on this day …

Social media