10 Anti-Valentines Gift Ideas

It’s that month of the year again, where lonely and single people cry in the dark corner of the room all by themselves while everyone else is spending their time with their other half. If you’re feeling sad or you just want to mock other annoying couples, don’t worry, we’re here to help you by suggesting some interesting gifts that will “sparkle” up Valentines day.

1.  Girlfriend/Boyfriend Pillow


Who needs a real life shoulder when you can have soft and cushioned shoulder to lean on while you’re watching a movie. You can get the pillow in Amazon.

2. Grumpy Cat Cookie


Bake yourselves some grumpy cat cookies to express your anti-valentines spirit. Learn how to bake this adorable looking cookie here.

3. Virtual Voodoo Doll Curse


You don’t need to purchase a voodoo doll now, with the existing technology, you can send your ex or that friend of yours that show an excessive amount of PDA, a virtual voodoo doll curse. By visiting PinStruck you can customize your own doll according to the recipient’s physical appearance and send it to their e-mail. Do this at your own risk as some might find it offensive.

4. Bittersweets Hearts


These candies might look like the perfect and sweetest gift to give to your valentine but they probably would storm off after seeing the messages imprinted on candies. “You Turn Me Off” and “Aging Poorly” are a couple of examples.

5. Sarcastic Greeting Cards

115561_1_600 115561_2_600


These cards are available on Egg2Cake

6. “Forever Alone” meme Statue


How else would you want to proudly declare that you’re single and desperately available? You’d get a seven inch high statue of the famous internet meme, the forever alone guy. Remember to bring it along when you go out for dinner. You never know who you’d find.

7. Tee Shirt


Dislike the subtle way of expressing your mockery against Valentines day? Wear a simple tee shirt that accomplishes the job for you.

8. Mug



The mug is available on Zazzle

9. The Ex Knife Holder


Return all the emotional pain that your ex has caused you by putting knives into the holder after slicing tomatoes. The knife holder comes in red, black and chrome. So choose wisely according to what your ex looks like the most. You can also give this to a friend that just got out of a relationship.

10. Easy Come Easy Go Kit from molala


The Easy Come Easy Go kit contains the most basic items that would guarantee a smile on your friend’s face as soon as she opens it up and find a snooze mask with a picture of 2 half naked firefighters. The kit also consists of anti valentines themed postcards and an Ex-Boyfriend chocolate bar that you wouldn’t think twice to eat it away.