10 Ideal Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

UPDATE 2013:

5 Gifts Ideas for him

5 Gifts ideas for her

Valentine’s Day is in twelve days time and every girl is rushing off to buy a Valentine’s Day gift for their partners. Some of them are still stumped; thinking of what could be the ideal gift for a man. It sure is difficult to find the perfect one.

Even so, the 21st century has absolutely spoiled us with many technological advances, making it a tad bit easy for us to choose. But then again, remember, when talking about Valentine’s Day gifts, it all depends on your budget.

If you’re experiencing a major headache thinking over this matter, here’s a list of the 10 potential, not to mention reasonable Valentine’s Day gifts that you can get for him.


1 – Fragrance

Be it – Ferrari, Hugo, CK, etc, you can definitely get one of these scents for him. Let us all go with Jennifer Aniston’s quote, “The best smell is that man you love”.

To buy it online, kindly visit StrawberryNET. You can even get discounts so grab the chance now!




2 – Make a dinner
If you don’t choose to spend money on something, you can definitely go for a traditional yet romantic way of showing how much you love him. Say, make a dinner! A guy sure loves a girl who can cook.

If you want to make local cuisines, check out Rasa Malaysia!




3 – Deuter Hiking Bag
If your man is an adventurer, you can get one of these Deuter hiking backpacks. Known for its world-class functionality and style for hikers, your man would definitely appreciate this present. Don’t forget to slip in your Valentine’s Day card to give a little taste of surprise for him!

Price: From RM 129



4 – Beryl’s Chocolates
It sure is typical to be giving out chocolates for him, but it is, without a doubt a special symbol for Valentine’s Day. What is the common gift that everyone would see when they’re out and about looking for gifts? Yes, chocolates. It may seem a little ‘cliché’, but you have to admit that it is also very effective to make your man’s day.

Price: RM14 – RM43


5 – For Men Bodyshop Skin Care Kit
It may sound weird at first but yes, a skin care kit would make his day too. Why? Let’s just put it this way, who doesn’t love to see their men looking good and even smell good?

Price: RM99

To get it online, visit: http://www.thebodyshop.com.my/mens/for-men-maca-root/for-men-maca-root-skincare-kit


6 – Play Station video games
Since we are now living in the 21st century, the idea of getting video games for him is definitely a good one. To girls’ eyes, you may seem like a boring girlfriend, but a guy would actually appreciate your effort to get them new video games. This is because every guy loves games. Examples of video games you can get in the store are Call of Duty, Killzone, Winning Eleven, Fifa, etc.

RM100 – RM200. To get them online, you can check out: http://www.gameon.com.my/


7 – Bake!
Yes, besides cooking, you can bake too! Be it cookies, cakes, or even cupcakes, you name it. Your man would take that into account and treasure your effort.

Get inspired from these awesome cupcakes from our local bake shop situated in Subang Jaya, Cookie Cat! Pretty sweet huh?



8 – Shirts
If you like your man fashionable and elegant, get a shirt for him. You can even get him two, depending on your budget of course. Elegance is the new sexy!

Brands that you can consider: Topman, Ted Baker, Zara (All price ranging from RM100)



9 – CD Album
If you want to make it simple and memorable, pick a compilation CD of romantic songs – preferably the oldies (because Oldies are the best!) or you can even compile all of his favorite songs and not forgetting yours too so that you lovebirds can reminisce all the good moments you guys have had.



10 – A pair of shoes
Yes, very common but shoes protect your feet. But choosing the right pair of shoes is difficult. It’s the wrong shoes that cause us pain, so therefore a few famous brands would help. Besides providing your man a pair of new shoes, you also care for his health. Thumbs up for you!

Brands that you can consider: Pedro, ZARA, Denim, Everlast, Vans, Converse, etc.