Interview with Dr. Doreen Tan Founder and Chairman of BWL

Dr.Doreen Tan was kind enough to give us a few minutes of her precious time as we discovered more about her company BWL, a company dedicated to health and wellness for all.

About BWL:
Best World Lifestyle or popularly known as BWL was founded in 1990 with a firm commitment to provide the best quality products to enhance our customers’ lives. Since then, BWL has evolved into one of the most prominent names in the health and wellness industry. As a trusted direct selling company, we aim to provide every individual with premium quality products, the finest entrepreneurial platform and a cohesive corporate culture that would aid them in realizing their hopes for a better future.

Today, BWL has developed tremendously extensive network in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Brunei, China, Vietnam, Korea, Philippines, Myanmar and Australia. With more partners joining us everyday, we are poised for unlimited growth in the global arena.

Best World International, BWL’s parent company, is listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange as of 8 July 2004.

At Best World, our mission is to be the best choice for customers, distributors and partners.

We see a new world of possibilities, a world which embraces harmony, integrity, positivism and community. An entrepreneurial platform where you can excel and engage in lifelong learning and discovery. A world where every individual experiences constant improvement in physical, emotional, financial and social well being.

bwL’s LifeHarmony approach focuses on enhancing the health of our customers through three integral aspects of wellness: Inner Harmony, Outer Harmony and
Lifestyle Harmony

BWL provides you with a platform to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams and fulfill personal goals of financial wellness through our Enterprise Network Programme (ENP). The Unique characteristics of ENP offers you high returns with no risk, and our International Sponsoring Scheme offers you with limitless opportunity for development and infinite income potential. In BWL, members enjoy fair and equal promotion opportunity and having chance to build an own everlasting business.

From you to the world, together we build a better world