Green Lantern rank the 1st place in US Box Office

Movie Green Lantern has opened in the US and Canada with weekend takings of $52.7m (£32.6m), according to studio estimates.

Which reported that the film costly $200m (£ 123.7m) to make and a marketing budget of $125m (£ 77.3m) were the latest to be based on a comic book creation.

It comes in the wake of Thor that which opened with $65m (£ 40.2 m) and the latest were the X-Men film with $55m (£ 34m).

In the movie Ryan Reynolds were the member of the intergalactic space police.

Green Lantern knocked Super 8 out off the top spot, which took $21.3m (£13.2m).

Mr Popper’s Penguins were the family comedy that opened in third with $18.2m (£11.3m).

it was the Jim Carrey were the stars as a father who learns the importance of family life when he inherits the half a dozen of the flightless birds.

X-Men: First Class was in Fourth, with $11.5m (£7.1m), at the meanwhile The Hangover Part II was fifth with $9.6m (£6m).

The Hangover sequel has now taken $488m (£301.8m) worldwide and surpassing the performance of the original 2009 film which took $468m (£289.5m). – BBC