Will the Westports Malaysia Dragons Contend for Next Year’s ABL Title?

WPKLD_Logo_10719BWith the marked increase in interest in sports betting and casino gambling activities spurred by news of a proposed $935 million facelift for the Genting Highlands in Malaysia, people have started taking more interest in team sports such as football and basketball. Basketball, without a doubt, is one of the most popular sports in the world, especially in America with superstar LeBron James as the face of the NBA and in Europe as well. However, the same levels of popularity are also now starting to surface in Asia, too. The Westports Malaysia Dragons is a popular professional basketball team in Malaysia. Their emblem, a ‘Red Dragon’ represents a strong yet compassionate character. The entire team symbolises authority, power, passion and strength. The team’s mission, since their inception, has been to promote and develop basketball in the country, to generate interest among the youth and help the sport scale new heights. If one goes by their recent performances, it is a clear indication of the fact that they have really improved their game in the few years they have played in the fledgling Asean Basketball League (ABL). It can be easily said that Westports Malaysia Dragons aren’t simply going to contend for the ABL title. In fact, they will hope to achieve even more than just compete for the crown in the upcoming season.

Your Bodog sports betting options at Bodog88.com are quite varied, especially as one gets to indulge in betting and also make some money on the side while their favourite team performs well. They are a popular online sports betting portal that allows sports fans to place wagers on their favourite team, such as the Malaysia Dragons in the ABL. The news pertaining to the selection of the then Westports KL Dragons to represent ASEAN in the FIBA Asia Champions Cup came in as a huge surprise especially since the decision was made after the suspension of the Basketball Association of Thailand from the championship. The entire nation got onto its feet and cheered as the Malaysia Dragons were hailed for writing basketball history and open a door for other strong teams.

The Malaysia Dragons ended the past 2010 season ranked third in the entire ABL. They fielded one of the strongest rosters in the entire ABL. Even Bodog Malaysia noted that the team played remarkably well during the entire 2010-2011 season. They rode high on their hardworking, quality players and impressive combination of reinforcements both regional and foreign. The team is hoping to promote awareness for basketball in Malaysia as they are currently preparing hard to contend for the upcoming ABL championship. Even though football is still the most popular sport in Malaysia, the popularity of basketball in the country slowly but surely is steadily growing. The Westports Malaysia Dragons’ craze among Malaysian basketball fans says this all and more.

The Malaysia Westports Dragons were actually one of the original founding members of the ABL (ASEAN Basketball League). The league is a great mix of international and local brands that have envisioned to take the ASEAN basketball to the next level. Prior to the league’s founding in 2009, only the Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia had professional basketball teams. Several online casino and online sports gambling websites on the internet have referred to ABL as the next big thing in the history of basketball in the ASEAN region. In order to raise the interest of teenagers in Malaysia, the team managers have come up with different strategies to promote the game in the entire nation. The Dragons Development Initiative is a great step towards making the sport even more popular in Malaysia.

The Dragons Academy helps students develop their basketball skills and become professional players. The students being trained in the academy are considered players who will represent the country in the near future. The Westports Dragons have ensured that the future of basketball in Malaysia remains bright. Casino Malaysia fans’ who enjoy occasionally placing bets on their favourite teams, and this is proof that the team has indeed gained immense popularity in recent times. Even the sports analysts and basketball pundits across the region have praised the team for their consistent performance.

Any student, who wishes to become a competitive professional basketball player and play for the country, can get enrolled into the academy. Just visiting the official website and filling out a simple form would kick start the journey. ABL coaches have always believed that Westports Dragons is a team that is strong enough to ensure a bright future for Malaysian sports and basketball in general. The players simply need to pay more attention towards their polishing their basketball skills and understanding of the game and once they get it right, the Westports Malaysia Dragons might just become the team to beat in the next SEABA championships. As far as the question goes, Westports looks in very good touch and which could very well be the key for ensuring a good run in the upcoming ABL championship next season.