Places to visit Perak 2012 – Part 1

Perak has many tourist attractions but not many Malaysians know what they can do and see about in Perak. This year Perak is investing on Visit Perak Year 2012 to increase its number tourist arrival to the state.

Datuk Hamidah Osman , chairman of State Tourism Committee mentioned that statistics from Tourism Ministry showed that tourist arrival to Perak had been on the turn down since 2009. Further explanation, Hamidah said that the state is targeting 20% more tourists.

To achieve the number target, Perak has highlighted the main attractions for tourists to pay for a visit. Whether you love hiking, walking or sightseeing, these top-interesting places in Perak are what you should lookout for.
1. Royal Belum Rainforest

  • If you are a fan of birds, do you know there are 10 different types of hornbills, in which can be seen in the Belum-Temengor Forest Reserve? Belum Temengor is ideal for bird watcher with over 300 birds’ species including the hornbill.
  • Another amazing fact that Belum-Temengor is believed to have been in existence for over 130 million years making it one of the world’s oldest rainforest, which even older than the famous Amazon rainforest.
  •  This is the good time for tourists or even Malaysians to visit Perak, as Perak is also famous of their natural attraction.
  • -In conjunction of Visit Perak 2012, Royal Belum World Drum Rainforest 2012 is happening this 25th February at Dataran MBI, Ipoh , Perak. To know more about the ticket info and schedule program do visit here.




2. Gua Tempurung

  • Another natural attraction would be the ‘Gua Tempurung’ in Perak, which is one of the longest caves in Peninsula Malaysia. Whether you’re a spelunker or caving enthusiast or love to do hiking as hobby – this is the best time for you to check out Gua Tempurung. Not only that, Gua Tempurung has developed well in making tourists to pass through easily, with electric lighting and walkaways.
  • According to a Chinese geologist, Gua Tempurung has existed for more than billion years which may make Perak state government would carry out further studies to discover if it is really that old. So imagine, if our cave is that old, do you think it’s worth a visit?

3. Kellie’s Castle

  • When William Kellie Smith or also known as Kellas built the house for his wife or a home for his son, he could have never imagined that the house would someday become a popular local tourist attraction in Perak.
  • The house was never completed as Kellas left during the construction and never returned. Masked in dark mystery, it is believed that Kellie’s Castle has hidden rooms and secret tunnel.
  • The drive to Kellie’s castle about 30 minutes from Ipoh, near Batu Gajah (which where our famous singer Yuna was from).

4. Ipoh Railway Station

  • Another interesting main attraction in Perak would be the Ipoh Railway Station. This railway station is well known for its architectural structure. Because of its magnificence building structure, it has earned in the title ‘The Taj Mahal of Ipoh’.
  • According to the history, that the railway station was initially used to be a hospital, before the 20th century.
  • Interesting Fact: Did anyone know the remake of Anna and the King (1991), had film shot here?

5. ‘Perak Man’ Cave

  • Located about 86km from Ipoh City in Kampung Gelok in Lenggong, which where the oldest human skeleton in Malaysia was found. The skeleton has been dated to around 11,000 years old, which was buried in the fetal position (with the legs tucked towards chest, his right arm touching shoulder and his left arm bent).