You Are Loved – Short Film

From the creators of ‘Long Distance Relationship‘, Youtube is hyped up with another video from our very own local production team, GRIMFILM. A short film made for Valentine’s Day, it has successfully touched many hearts for its wonderfully presented film. Aside from the great shots and editing, this film has also managed to deliver a … Read more

A Visit to KL Tower

Amidst the spontaneous visit to KL Tower, the Malaysiasaya team stumbled upon so many attractions, one of them would be the 1Malaysia Cultural Village where visitors can have a walk-through of Malaysia’s unique replicas of traditional ‘kampung’ houses. Besides the exhibition, there was also an XD Theater where visitors not only can watch a movie … Read more

Foster the People Live in Malaysia 2012 (Video)

On the 13th of January 2012, Foster the People made their way to Malaysia for the first time. The event took place at KL Convention Centre in Kuala Lumpur. The show started around 8.30pm, but the fans arrived earlier than that. One of the fans even said that they lined up since 10am to stand … Read more

Malaysia International Jewellery Fair Spring Edition 2012

The long-awaited and much anticipated jewellery event, Malaysia International Jewellery Fair Spring Edition made its return on the 6th – 9th January 2012 at the Grand Ballroom of Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, with over 100 brands from 13 countries showcasing their most high ranking and prestigious jewellery collections. Aside from seeing the exquisite collections, jewellery … Read more

The Pet Project Malaysia 2012 – Video

On the 7th of January, the Malaysiasaya team attended ‘The Pet Project Malaysia 2012’, a charity event intended for fund-raising for the animal welfares in Malaysia such as SPCA Selangor, Paws, AnimalCare, Scratch, etc. The event took place at The British International School, which was also one of the partners associated with the project. Organized … Read more

Najib bakal umum inisiatif untuk perkukuhkan hubungan Malaysia-Afrika

PUTRAJAYA: Dialog Antarabangsa Langkawi 2011 masuk hari terakhir hari ini dengan hosnya, Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak akan mengumumkan inisiatif baru bagi mengukuhkan hubungan antara Malaysia dan negara-negara Afrika. Beliau juga akan mengumumkan “dokumen hasil perbincangan” yang akan menggabungkan cadangan dan saranan yang dibuat semasa dialog perkongsian bestari itu yang memerlukan tindakan susulan … Read more