Samsung Galaxy Note (Review)

In the era where phones are getting thinner and cheaper, smartphones are entering the consumer market and become trending these days.

However, Samsung have produced many quality smart phones and tablets, but the new Samsung Galaxy Note is something a little bit different.

Some says it almost looks like the famous Apple’s iPhone or recently the viral Apple’s computer tablet ‘iPad’ but it’s actually combination of both (mobile phone-tablet device). The size of Samsung Galaxy Note it’s one third of the size of the ‘iPad’ but it’s a little bulky for pocket-size phone. The weight of the phone is very light, eventhough it has a GPRS.

One of the special feature about the phone, is the stylus pen input, where you can press and hold of the stylus on the screen and a certain screenshot will come out and allow you to draw or write anything just like drawing on a normal piece of paper.

With its unique functionality, Samsung Galaxy Note is a capability for any range of people (business, creativits, personals) – as Samsung Galaxy note provides you freely capture and create ideas or jot-it down anywhere and everywhere.

In addiction, the Galaxy Note has 5.3 inch wonderful screen with 1080p Full HD, which allows users to view clearly and do more with the phone.

I personally recommend to those who enjoy drawing and getting inspiration from everywhere — this phone is very handful and a must-have device.