Neubodi Mother’s Day “My Mother, My Support” Event – Video

“A mother is she who can take the place of all others, but whose place no one else can take.”

Ever thought of planning something memorable and heartwarming for your mother to remind her how important she is in your life? Neubodi did just that by holding an intimate Afternoon Tea Delight Session at the Botanical Garden in Bangsar Village 2.

In conjunction with celebrating their Mother’s Day Contest Winners and also paying tribute to the upcoming women’s body, health and soul month, six beautiful pairs of mothers and daughters were invited to share their experience and passion about a woman’s worth during the Bra-education Talk. Nadine Ann Thomas, Sue Lynn Tiong and Parveen K. Brar were among the ladies who attended the event with their supportive mothers.

Neubodi’s Facebook contest, “My Mother, My Support” encouraged ladies to write in, share their first bra experience with mom and stand a chance to win four sets of brassieres from Neubodi. After only 10 days of overwhelming response, Neubodi had to skim through every single entry to select the three lucky winners. Stephanie Lim May Ling, Siti Ainin Sophia Mohd Azman and Stephanie Lim Sook Beng were immediately given a congratulatory call and Neubodi assigned a personalized fitting session for them and their moms on May 12th, Mother’s Day. “I am so thankful to Neubodi for giving me this wonderful opportunity to relive my First Bra experience all over again with my mom. My mom was never able to teach me the importance of wearing a right bra and now I am glad that I am able to reciprocate the favour,” said Stephanie Lim Sook Beng while hugging her mother, Aunty Bee Len.

Flowers and Bows was the dress theme on the 16th May. Guests arrived decked in floral prints, ribbons and creative headpieces for their afternoon tea party. An exquisite Afternoon English Tea tray stacked with scrumptious bite sized sweets and savories accompanied by a well fragrant cup of English tea to set the mood right for the main event!

The Bra-education started with an introduction as to how “My Mother, My Support” came along, followed by a sharing session by all the winners’ and celebrity guests’ first bra experience. Besides sharing stories and paying tributes to Moms, the talk session also covered on everyday women’s body issues such as knowing what a proper fit means, developing the right inner self confidence, whilst also touching on sensitive issues of creating a proper and stronger self- image.

For that, Neubodi specially invited two experts, Ms Estee Ong, the notable bra fitting expert in Malaysia, and Ms Wendy Liew, owner of the Image Creator and certified image consultant to relate, educate and share their knowledge in their respective fields. When asked about the extra benefits of a brassiere, Estee shared that “When a woman wears the right cup, right size, and right fit, she will definitely encounter a life changing experience — better posture, breasts centered and a defined silhouette. She is now a confident woman, who loves her body.”
When the Bra-education talk was over, Ms Estee Ong, General Manager of Neubodi, presented our Facebook winners with their prizes. Estee also gave them a quick talk on how to care for the brassiere. “Every woman needs to have a minimum of three good brassieres in their wardrobe, one to wear, one to wash and one to rest. This will help extend the lifespan of the brassiere. When you care for your brassiere, the brassiere will care for your breasts,” said Estee.

After the prize giving ceremony, some of the media friends were invited for a complimentary bra fitting session with Neubodi’s bra fitting experts while others wait for their turn — enjoying their afternoon tea and browsing through Neubodi’s upcoming new collection on display.

Every woman walked home with a complimentary brassiere set after enjoying her personalized fitting sessions. It was a fun filled afternoon and even though all good things must come to an end, no one left empty handed. An exclusive set of Neubodi’s vintage mugs were given to everyone to commemorate the afternoon… an educational and memorable session, only with Neubodi.
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“Neubodi was awarded with the Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand award in May 2011 — marking a testament in being a distinguished brassiere label for everyday comfort.”